Our ongoing mission in africa will take place this year (once the borders open) in two villages located in the very northeast of ivory coast. These villages are situated by the black volta river.
With the help we received from different places around the globe, we will build a school and a church for both tantaman and galasso ble villages. This way, we will continue the apostolic work that some volunteers commenced in 2019. We pray that many villagers will be baptized, embracing jesus christ.


Missionary in the confines of the himalayas (north sikkim), in the solemnity of the epiphany of the lord of 2018, responding to the missionary mandate that jesus christ left us before ascending to heaven (mt 28, 19-20; mk 16, 16), and obeying the incessant and urgent missionary calls of the last high pontiffs (from h.H. Leon xiii, –ad extremas– to h.H. Francisco –evangelii gaudium-), from the nothingness of our five loaves and two fish (cf mt 14, 17) , more abandoned in the omnipotence of the lord and in the sacred virgin, from the missionary platform “omnes gentes project” (ogp), we launched the “mission countdown”, which is an apostolic project that seeks to announce the gospel to the hundreds of towns where it was never announced, which are the poorest of the poorest towns.

II. MARCH 2018

So it was that, in march 2018, cristian rodrigo iturralde, thanks to the alms of two friends from hong kong and spain, flew from the himalayas to africa to try to find the tribes of the missionary countdown.
Cristian in the middle of impressive adventures, facing the unknown and going through great risks, ended up arriving at a lost and unknown enclave, which does not appear even on google-maps, in the middle of nowhere, on the triple border of burkina faso, costa of ivory and ghana, not far from the radius of action of the mohammedan jihad, where a muslim tribe –the wala-, located in the village of tantama, and a fetishist tribe – the birifor-, located in the villages of diede, galasso. Ble, galasso grand and mofate. Cristian first preached the gospel to them, which was well received.


In january 2019, the ogp organized a second missionary expedition to continue the work begun in 2018, sending an expedition made up of two priests and four volunteers from france, bolivia and costa rica.
This second expedition intensified the preaching of the holy catholic faith to those two tribes, and, thank god, the fruits were amazing.
Various masses were celebrated in both tribes. They were the first masses ever celebrated in these places. The birifor participated with joy. It was preached in four non-christian villages: tantama, galasso ble, mofate, and diede. It was preached through interpreters and even, thank god and phonetic techniques, in the local dialect.
Semi-nourished and naked children were dressed.
Some children expressed their willingness to enter the minor seminary to be the first priests in their village.
The muslim imam gladly heard the preaching.
The muslim tribe asked the ogp to build a catholic school and gladly accepted that even a catholic church be built.The fetishist tribe asked the ogp for a catholic church, a catholic school, and a water pump. The chief declared that many of the tribe will be baptized if the church is made.

IV. JULY 2020

In july 2020, the ogp will send a third missionary expedition to build the two churches, the two schools, and the water pump.
The missionaries will go on a motorcycle and will sleep in tents or in the open.
The ogp will receive volunteers who want to join the expedition and, for the love of god, ask for donations to be able to do the works (at the moment, there are no donors).
After this missionary expedition, the churches will be attended by local priests and catechists.

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