In 2018, the OGP founded the MC (mission countdown). The ogp’s team investigated intensely to find out where in the orb the tribes that never heard the gospel before could be found.
As they noticed that several tribes (around twenty) where situated in the amazonas, we set up a goal of doing an apostolic raid there as soon as possible.
By god’s grace, in 2019, the ogp was reached out by the matizales sacred tabernacle apostolic group, originally from colombia, who got associated with the ogp on this jungle missional project. During that year, different ways of reaching out the tribes of the mc list, were explored.
In 2020, the ogp’s team meet up with the mstac and progress was made on the preparation of the project. We decided to start with the carabayo, tribe which has not been localized yet nor photographic register exists. Currently, this defiant mission is being prepared.

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