P. Federico Highton – P. Javier Olivera Ravasi


San Elías emerged in mid-2015 and from various conversations between Father Federico Highton and Father Javier Olivera Ravasi, who, together with several lay people and after several months of discernment, prayer and advice, decided to found an association whose purpose the preaching of the Holy Catholic Faith with the most heroic parrhesia on two different fronts: the missions “ad gentes” (lands where the Church has not yet arrived) and the apostolate of the counter-cultural revolution.

To do this, with prior agreement with the local bishops and together with committed laity, they try to carry out itinerant missions in countries where the Church has not yet been able to take root or is weakened.


The name “Saint Elijah” comes from our admiration for the heroic spirit of the holy prophet who, with his zeal and tireless preaching, was a missionary of fire. Just as the Carmelite fathers are inspired by him in his contemplative dimension, they seek here to inherit his missionary parrhesia.


The charism is to preach the Truth with the most heroic parrhesia so that God is maximally glorified.

Behold, by charism, we will announce the Holy Catholic Faith “in the light of day” (Mt 10:27), proclaiming it “from the rooftops” (Mt 10:27), without fearing “those who kill the body” (Mt 10:28), being our “language Yes for yes, No for no” (Mt 5, 37) knowing that “what happens comes from the Evil One” (Mt 5, 37).


Eliate spirituality has four pillars: the usual epic attitude, the virtue of parrhesia, fidelity to the divine secret and the full Marianization of life.

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