In 2018, the OGP founded the mc (mission countdown). The ogp’s team investigated intensely to find out in which places of the orb were the tribes that haven’t listened yet the gospel.
As we notice that several tribes (around twenty) where located in indochina, we took off from the himalayas to there, to find those people to preach the good new.
So far, three apostolic raids had taken place and thanks to god the fruits were many.


Stephen, a veteran french ogp volunteer, departed to indochina with one of the ogp’s priests. They spent just a couple of days in some centric city, which served them to get to know the place and they spoke with a clergyman, who told them that the ogp’s mission in those lands was dangerous, non-viable and impossible.
For the ogp this was a great start and a sign that god is going to do big things in that mission, since nothing is impossible for him, and he gets joyful in doing big things towards souls salvation.
The clergyman gave them some bleary references about the church’s responsible in the area in the zones of the tribes of which we had planned to visit. After a risky operation we reached him out. He gave us his blessing for the mission and we departed to our first objective: preaching to shamans of the most remotes tribes.


We first preached to the tchao tribe. This expedition was extreme. Our guide got scared since he feared getting in trouble and he forced us to abort the mission. We celebrated mass with the shaman, the chief and people from the village.
After that, we did a second expedition without the guide, which was very special.
The ogp is planning on doing a new expedition to that tribe once the quarantine is over.


After the tchaos, we did the first expedition to the allu tribe. We went to the taperzu’s village. They were very welcoming with us. It was the first time in the history that foreigners were speaking with natives to that village.
The second expedition to the allu it was very prolific. We slept over at one of the family’s place. That village had never even heard jesus’s name. We preached jesus for the very first time. We celebrated mass in a house. We handed out medals and we invited souls to baptize. Everyone who heard the preaching accepted to get baptized, which are going to receive once quarantine is over.


The challenges presented by the remoteness, the nonexistence of public transport and the terrain difficulty, forced us to learn how to ride motorcycles. We took up on some driving classes in the mountains, we bought two used bikes and within a couple of days we found ourselves going up and down the slopes, doing endless zigzags enjoying of breathtaking landscapes until we reached the taperzu village of our beloved allu.
We rented out a house for a year in the border of the ño-u village, where there are no foreigners within a radius of hundreds of kilometres. That is our missional base. That is where we set up our church.
Thanks to god, the third apostolic raid in indochina was also very prolific.
We announced the good news to two families of the akake tribe. They accepted the preaching and the invitation to baptism, that we will administer once the quarantine is over.
At the same time, we concentrate on the training of the youth of the allu tribe, which means the preparation for their baptism. We became friends of them and next time we go there we will baptize them.


In 2019 it also took place the third apostolic raid in indochina, that was very prolific and it mainly had an exploratory profile.

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