The North Pole, is defined as the point in the northern hemisphere where the earth’s axis of rotation meets its surface. While the south pole lies on a continental land mass, the north pole is located in the middle of the arctic ocean amid waters that are almost permanently covered with constantly shifting sea ice. The sea depth at the north pole has been measured at 4,261 m (13,980 ft) by the russian mir submersible in 2007. The nearest land is usually said to be kaffeklubben island, off the northern coast of greenland about 700 km (430 mi) away. The nearest permanently inhabited place is alert in the qikiqtaaluk region, nunavut, canada, which is located 817 km (508 mi) from the pole.
During an encounter in rome with a friend from hong-kong, we devise and organized the ogp’s polar mission under the name of northern cross project, which originally aims to plant the holy cross and an image of our lady in the northernmost permanently inhabited human settlement of the globe (not counting military bases or scientific stations).
In 2019, the first apostolic expedition of the ogp departed to the north pole towards a village located at 78º latitude. The missional team was integrated by two argentine priests, one of them traveled from the himalayas and the other one from france. Thanks to god, the operation was very prolific.
For our surprise, the missional team found a philippine community with permanent residence in this remotely and gelid confines. That community, composed by eighty souls, profess the catholic faith.
Due to this happy discovery, the ogp decided that it should be that very same philippine community who root up the cross and our lady’s image and who prepare that foundation with two months of community praying, in that area where there is neither a priest nor a chapel.
Several masses were celebrated with many filipinos faithful attenders , who were happy to adore god and listen his word. Confessions were heard and houses were blessed. A young russian man who was atheist participated in the mass and he got converted to the real god.
Thanks god, the ogp founded a group of the most holy rosary praying that lasted for a while. We gave out rosaries, bibles and sacred images, and every since then the families augmented their intensity and frequency to their…
The ogp aims to build up as soon as possible a chapel in that village, that as far as we know, it will be the most septentrional chapel in the orb.
Currently, work has begun so that the philippine community of that village joins the wwr (world wide rosary) that is being prayed weekly by zoom with participants of all continents.

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