P. Federico Highton – P. Javier Olivera

The members of the Saint Elias Order seek to preach the Truth with the most heroic parrhesia so that God may be maximally glorified.

The Order’s pillars are: the usual epic attitude, the virtue of parrhesia, fidelity to the divine secret and the full Marianization of life.

To achieve eternal glory, the members seek to imitate mainly Our Lord Jesus Christ as well as Saint John the Baptist, Saint Elias; the Holy Apostles; San Esteban; Saint Athanasius, Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Francis Xavier, Saint Vincent Ferrer, Saint Berardo and Companions Martyrs, Saint Nicolas Tavelic and Companion Martyrs, Blessed Marco D’Aviano, Saint Francis Solano, Saint Catherine of Siena and Leonardo Castellani S.J.


Discover the history behind the Order of Saint Elias

San elias historia y fundacioin

San Elias: History and Foundation

San Elías emerged in mid-2015 and from various conversations between Father Federico Highton and Father Javier Olivera Ravasi, who, together with several lay people and after …